Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I found today that I GOTTA HAVE!


Pretty sure Hydro Quebec has a monopoly on energy, but this guy seems to know something I don't.

$40 Bucks for these two 20's? SOLD!

Wondering if I can just buy the photograph?

"Take me to your bee-bo....."

Ideally, I was looking for something a little more life-size, but these might do for now:


I know for a FACT, that this sort of stuff is not allowed on Craig's List. Reporting.

COOOOooolLL!! A picture from the Mars Rover!



Case-closed. Reporting.

I'm more into the fabric than anything else, maybe I could just re-upholster my couch?

This more summery, but I guess I could wear them inside as PJ's:

Hmmmm...I wonder if I get the woman that was murdered in this as well?

I call this one: "Means a lot to me, but I'm leaving town".

I don't know if I would personally own this, but I thought maybe one of you would:

These are INCREDIBLY beautiful:

Don't bother with this one folks, I've already arranged for a pick-up:

Thankfully these guys accepted PayPal, cause I bought the whole darn table!

Due to financial problems I'm having I recently stopped collecting art, but I couldn't let "Roses" slip away:

This is kind of a joke, cause it's actually one of my ads, takers?

My only serious problem with buying this one is that it's a little too seasonal, I would hate to see this piece collecting dust:

Screw it, I'm collecting art again:


A great pet for 20 bucks, sold!

Unfortunately she wants 5 bucks for both, I only wanted the one on the right for $2.50, but it was no go :(